Gay Versatile Men Make the Best Fuck Buddies

They like to get it both ways…

Top or bottom? Why not both?

Picture this. You meet a guy in a bar. He’s super hot, seems cool, and is down to grab a drink with you. There’s flirty tension happening and you decide to be cool and offer to hang out longer. So you go back to his place with the intention of wild sex…but you haven’t discussed it yet. You don’t want to give him the present before he unwraps it.

One thing on your mind in this scenario is what kind of sex you might have. Are you going to top him? Or, is he strictly the pitcher? Will you fuck at all? Is a blowjob his only thing? Something we all think about before sex with another gay man is what he’s into. There are plenty of options. Only time will tell if he’s a top or bottom. Maybe he does a little bit of both. After all, the guy might be way taller, but that doesn’t mean he’s strictly a top. Height is not always a requirement for who the giving man is!

So back to the story. You go back to this guy’s place, shoot the shit for a while, and the moment starts taking its course. Some making out happens, shirt removal, dick grabbing…then some fondling, cock sucking, ass eating…given the way this is going, we might as well fuck, right? But who’s doing whom?

Let’s hope he gives the best answer of all: “I’m vers.”

This means the moment is all yours. You can do whatever you want with him. Want to ride his cock? See him on all fours? Have him see you on all fours? How about a combination of all three?

That’s why we love gay versatile men. They can make every last fantasy cum true.

Thousands of hot gay versatile men are on gay cams. They will satisfy all your top dom needs before sticking giant dildoes in their tight holes. Just let them know what turns you on and they’ll take it any (and every) way you want.

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