Breaking a Sweat with Coach-Trainee Roleplay

When you get knocked down…you gotta get it up…

Set those goals, boy!

This is how it goes: you’re running on the track field. You have one more lap to go. You’re tired. You’re out of breath. You’re sweating like a motherfucker. But you’re making good timing. Your coach is telling you to push. Keep your head up. Stay focused. You finally finish your laps and have a cup of water. Now, it’s time to hit the showers. As you’re cleansing off that hard run, you’re feeling relaxed as the water pours down your body. But little do you know that the coach has other plans for you…because he needs a little shower refreshment as well…this workout isn’t over yet.

This fantasy obviously ends with the coach cumming all over your ass…or vice versa.

We all have sexual fantasies. Sometimes, they’re more bizarre and out there than we realize. But who cares? That’s literally the point of a fantasy! They come to us as we please and we enjoy them for what they are no matter how “strange” they might be. It’s our imagination and our minds so we do with them what we want.

So have you ever tried acting out the coach-trainee scenario? The one that goes into the “above” story where your coach gives you a tough workout, then you take a shower only for the coach to join you for some hard fucking? This would make one hell of a story to tell our buddies. 

These scenarios rarely happen in reality. So we gotta make do with our imagination..or by watching porn about it. But what if we could embrace the coach-trainee roleplay with more detail? What if we could make it come close to reality? 

That’s why we love men on gay cams. There are thousands of hot studs who love acting out fantasies- especially the coach-trainee one. This roleplay game is so common that it has its own special category on Randy Blue Live. Gorgeous hunks are ready to train you to the max only to join you for some steamy fun. All you need is a free account, the ability to train like a beast, and a shower. 

Check out these five hotties who love acting out coach-trainee games. Let them know how badly you want them to train you and they’ll give you a workout you’ll never forget.

Damond Brown

Beau Tucker

Maurice Lewis

Jeyko Black

Simone Florenzi

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